Your web site is often the first impression.....

lets make it a good one!

With the advent of WIX and other easy to use web site design software many people ask if there is still a need for professionals in this area and for some, sure these easy to use sites are a life saver. However years of knowledge is not given away so easily and we have a very good reputation for delivering a great web site. We offer SEO/SEM too and this is where a professional is of value. No web site no matter how good is worth anything if it has no views. WE can help promote your site and reach the audience you can engage with.

Currently Word Press is the de facto standard and we can build your website on this easy to use platform. HTML and CSS3 however are far from finished although flash most certainly is.

The biggest part in todays websites is mobile friendly content. So much of our time is spent on some form of mobile device albeit a tablet, mobile phone or netbook content is king every one has the right to see the content displayed in the easiest way you can present it to them. We can make your website fully responsive across most devices, we say most but exclude the Samsung tab watch.